About AR2Recovery

Brent Moore spent the last 20 years researching treatment for substance use disorders at Yale, and is looking to learn even more from people’s recovery successes and attempts not just through treatment, but through all the other methods and strategies people have discovered along the way.

Rowan Morrison spent those same 20 years and more story gathering, story crafting and story telling as a writer, actor and teacher who believes life isn’t discovered, shared, or interpreted merely through reporting the the events of a life, but through relating the narratives of the experience as it’s been seen, felt, heard, tasted and touched.

Together they convinced each other to start an adventure in… listening.

We invite you to sit down with us for an interview, for a discussion about your experience. For a chance to share what recovery’s road has looked like through your eyes. Or simply to join us in listening to these stories on American roads to recovery.

Although we’ve finished the first leg of the adventure…..
AR2R map
we are continuing the journey!