Top 10 lessons learned (or relearned) so far.

1.   There are a lot of amazing places in our country.

2. Driving a camper from the 80’s for 8000 miles probably undoes the environmental benefit of a plug-in hybrid (our other car).

3. Appliance cords are too short.


4. Logistics count (this is why people have producers!) Picking a destination, finding a route, finding a place to stay, traveling, setting up, making meals takes way more time you would think.

5. When you reach out in need, people help.

6. New Mexican food is amazing!

7. Campers and strong winds are not a good combination.

8. The older you get the more you look like your siblings.

Richard and Brent

9. Shame can still have a strong impact, even after many years of recovery. And so can self-confidence, humor, and resilience.

10. Recovery in all its many forms and flavors is inspiring!

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