Rod’z Auto Repair

One of the surprising pleasures of travel is all the chance meetings with wonderful people, from a friendly gas station attendant in Oregon, a helpful drive-through coffee shop owner in Montana, a generous tow-truck driver in Ohio, a curious passer-by in a parking lot in Kansas, and many outgoing residents in campgrounds across the country. But perhaps the best was meeting Lorenzo and Rod of Rod’z in Clovis, New Mexico.



We called them on a Friday afternoon from the side of a lonely East New Mexico road. The engine was dragging and pausing and getting worse with each mile. They told us to limp on in and they would take a look at it.

When we got to Clovis and found their shop, Lorenzo came out and once we had explained things, immediately crawled under ‘Rico’ on the gravel lot and spent 10-15 minutes diagnosing the problem. It was most likely the fuel pump which sat right on top of the tank. they could get a replacement by Monday and install it for us. Wanting to try to get a bit further down the road, we thanked them and then took off optimistically, only to be calling them back about 2 miles later. In that time, they had learned that they could get the part Saturday morning, and despite not being open on the weekend, offered to come in the next morning and install it for us. So we spent the night in their lot.


The next day the part arrived and true to their word, they got the camper propped up on the gravel lot and crawled underneath, dropped the tank, replaced the part, and put it all back together and ready to roll in about four hours.

We were honored to get to meet Lorenzo and Rod and thankful for their generous good-nature.

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