Adventure Time

Yesterday was one of the adventure days of the AmericanRoads2Recovery adventure. I had the brilliant idea of taking the camper, now dubbed ‘Reco’ (for RECOvery), through the wine country.  I was in Santa Rosa at an In N’ Out Burger, and the route from google maps took me a specific way. Unfortunately, google maps does not have a 30 year-old 26’ motorhome option for maps (which this trip has shown is definitely needed). Looking at it on google, it seemed like a nice, backroads route through Sonoma and Napa to get to Benicia, perfect for the trip. And not until I was fully committed and couldn’t turn the camper around did I realize how steep, twisty, and bad the road was. For those of you who might know the area, the route was Temple Road and Oakville Grade Road (16% for half a mile). As I have learned now, any California road with the term “grade” included should be avoided in a motorhome.

Despite my increasing anxiety, Reco handled the roads like a champ (although I was smelling the brakes at the bottom). Below is a picture including the route on my phone and a couple others of the road (and yes, I was holding the camera with one had while driving with the other. Documentation seemed like a reasonable distraction technique for the anxiety). Temple Road



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