What in the Heck are Those 2 up to?

Don’t let the RV fool you.  We’re not out to explore any place in America; we’re out to explore with any one in America.  To explore with anyone their journey down the road of substance use disorders and addiction and the story of their road to recovery.

While Brent Moore has spent the last 20 years researching treatment for substance use disorders at Yale, he feels certain there’s still much to learn from people’s recovery successes and attempts not just through treatment, but through all the other methods and strategies people have discovered along the way.

Rowan Morrison spent those same 20 years and more story gathering, story crafting and story telling as a writer, actor and teacher who has come to believe that life isn’t discovered, shared, and interpreted merely through reporting the facts, the events, or the bullet points of anyone’s bio, but through relating the narratives of life’s experience as it’s been seen, felt, heard, tasted and touched.

Together they convinced each other to start an adventure in… listening.

While we imagine any number of research or artistic endeavors may be sparked or informed by this project, we are avoiding specific goals that might limit our ability to listen.  And if, in the end, we do little more than provide a place for people to hear how others have succeeded, for us, that’s enough.

So, we invite you to sit down with us for an interview, for a discussion about your experience.   For a chance to share what recovery’s road has looked like through your eyes.

We invite you to join us on this adventure as we listen to these stories on the American roads to recovery.

9 thoughts on “What in the Heck are Those 2 up to?”

  1. Beautifully Conceived webpage…Congratulations on the beginnings of your quest: Adventures and Insights into Recovery though America. You both must be very excited at this point! I particularly like that you head into the unknown with no preconceived ideas of how it will unfold; an open mind can bring you new vistas of insight through an open plan and few expectations… a true adventure indeed. I will look forward to seeing you both here on the “other side” before you trek back toward the Eastern side of your journey.

    ~ Claudia ❤️

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  2. Hi, Brent,
    This looks like an awesome journey. I know you’ll learn a bunch and then be able to contribute even more. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we were next door neighbors. Wow! Kudos, love, and learning to you. Audrey

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  3. I remain interested in your travels and what you will learn from your visits. I am recommending the following of your journey to friends in California, Oak Park, Illinois and Columbia, Missouri.

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  4. Brent, what a great way to combine your love of travel (hmm, wonder where that came from?!) and your unceasing curiosity about the myriad of ways people recover from substance abuse. I look forward to reading about your adventures and to read the stories of recovery. Syl

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  5. Nice to hear that your on your way. Hope you get to visit Oak Park. Say hello. Sounds interesting and fulfilling at the same time. Sometimes hearing your own story or others is what you need to stay in recovery.

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